Flash Forward "What did you see?"

Simple question: Who would want to know the future?
Relatively simple answer: We all would. If we were to be told that one week from now, we’d be given the chance to know what was to happen in the future – let’s say Flash Forward style – we would all nod our heads and eagerly await for that glorious day to come. Wether it would lead to a good or a bad outcome, it wouldn’t matter! We all just deeply want to achieve that instant of pure clarification of the mind despite of what it might reserve! It is true! And, in the same amount, it is also dead right impossible. But fear not! We can achieve one other, if not better, thing: we can make our own future.

There are certain moments in life when one’s aspirations and desires tend to take form in a clearer and more certain shape. All that cloudy and grey mental state becomes brighter; your projection of the future is strong and begins to lighten up your path. However, the outcome is never too neat; there is never really a way to know what lies ahead. But that’s for the best!

I, myself, am at one of those moments in life. There is so much that I now know I want to do and no way if I am actually going to do it. I sure don’t know what is there for me but, throughout the years, I’ve gained the needed confidence to asure myself it’ll work out just fine. And this is not empty hope; this is believing in my skills as a professional and as a human being. One can say that my life is on pause; I welcome the hiatus. Sure it is far from easy to accommodate to the fact that you are, in some way, stuck but once you get past the numbness you can actually see and value the opportunity! It’s great for some self reinvention! It’s perfect to see the big picture! Write, draw, put together a blog (yes, that’s the case)!

I don’t know the future but I’m making the best of this hiatus.


This is new

I’ve been meaning to start something of this kind for quite some time.

It’s supposed to work as a recipient of my creative reflections; a place to showcase what’s going on and what is about to come around. I needed this.


I see a lot of online “activity”. Huge amounts of “information” come to my virtual doorstep every day claiming to be articles of high value. For the most part, they’re just junk in disguise sent by someone who simply forwards. If not filtered properly, this kind of lazy freedom is bound to end up killing our desire for activity. We must know how to manage the intel and turn it to our advantage. We must be more creatively aware.

There are new tools. They are accessible and they are amazing. Enough with the blind forwarding, let’s create!

Watch out for your attention span. Nourish your creative one.